Mobile Kitchen Trailers & Kitchen Trucks

Custom Concessions builds mobile kitchens focusing on every aspect of the design – from floor planning and selecting cooking equipment to designing a kitchen trailer that will far exceed your expectations and provide you limitless opportunities. Whether your mobile food trailer is serving burgers or sushi, professional planning and design are essential. Custom Concessions’ design experts work alongside our clients to provide floor planning and design assistance.  Our Health Department-trained specialists help you navigate local health codes and facilitate a positive image for the health inspector.

Kitchen Trailer Walls & Surfaces

Every surface of our mobile kitchens has been carefully chosen to meet or exceed health code specifications.  Strength and stability are essential to building a strong trailer and the reason why we construct trailer walls using 16” on-center tubular steel. (Many manufacturers use hat posts in order to save money.  Hat posts are considerably weaker and can cause bowing in the walls.)  The trailer’s interior walls are designed to be health-code compliant by using commercial-grade materials including vinyl paneling, fiberglass reinforced walls (FRP), aluminum and stainless steel. Each finish is unique and chosen based on aesthetics and price point.

Mobile Kitchen Flooring

The floors in a Custom Concessions mobile kitchen trailer are built to a standard not replicated by other trailer manufacturers.  Our primary objective is durable quality by providing a trailer that will outlast all of its competition.  Durable quality in a concession trailer starts with a floor that is able to support heavy-duty restaurant equipment that can exceed over 1,000 pounds. We begin with 16” on-center floor cross members.  (Many manufacturers build 24” on-center cross members leading to less stability and strength).  Custom Concessions then installs a Marine Treated Sub Floor that provides a solid barrier that cannot be compromised by moisture or debris from the outdoor elements. (Custom Concessions is the only manufacturer that installs marine treated sub flooring as a standard feature). Finally, we install Commercial Grade Vinyl or Aluminum Diamond Plate to complete the foundation on which the mobile kitchen truck is designed.

Kitchen Roofing

The roof of the mobile kitchen trailer is another key component that Custom Concessions focuses on when designing concession trailers.  Again, we want to construct a trailer that exceeds what is considered standard in the industry. To provide a structurally superior roof, Custom Concessions begins with 16” on-center tubular steel posts.  (Commonly found in the industry is the use of hat posts 24” on-center which ultimately provides a weaker structure.)  The next component is the 5/8” sealed plywood walk-on roof that is then covered with a one-piece seamless aluminum roof.  Our roof is structured to hold the weight of six grown men.

For a temporary solution, Custom Concessions also offers mobile kitchen rentals. We deliver fully equipped mobile kitchens for short-term and long-term rentals.

Request a free quote on your mobile kitchen trailer.  Call us at (800) 910-8533 or complete our online quote form to learn more about our construction techniques and how we can build a custom kitchen trailer for your business.

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