Hot Dog Trailers

Hot dog concession trailers can be a lucrative business but standing outside all day is not an ideal situation – you are in the heat, in the sun, and dealing with bugs. Upgrade to a better experience with a hot dog cart from Custom Concessions. Without blowing your budget you could be serving your customers from within a trailer. Our hot dog trailers are air conditioned, closed units so you are inside and can work in comfort.

Our standard hot dog trailer are 6′ x 10′. Each comes equipped with an electric hot dog steamer and a full-size, 3-compartment sink. Plus we include a chest cooler for keeping beverages cold.

Hot Dog Trailers Prepare Other Items

You don’t have to limit your business to just hot dogs. Prepare sausages and bratwurst. Or precook BBQ and keep it warm in the steamer for serving. Your hot dog concession trailer will be a hit at the next tailgate, cookout, or serving lunch to hungry office workers year round.

hot dog trailerhot dog trailer

Custom hot dog trailers are also available – larger sizes, more options and additional equipment. If you are looking beyond a custom hot dog trailer to a larger solution, Custom Concessions also does full-scale custom catering trailers.

Get a free quote on a hot dog trailer. Call us toll free at (800) 910-8533 or fill out our online Request a Quote form. We’re here to help!

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