BBQ Trailers & Smoker Trailers

Custom Concessions manufactures BBQ trailers to meet your needs. Our unique design puts the BBQ smoker on an external porch with a roof for protection – from inside the kitchen you can access the smoker through a window in the wall. This keeps the heat outside of the trailer and means you don’t have to step outside to access your next batch of brisket or ribs.

BBQ Trailers for Concessions

Take your BBQ business on the road with a BBQ concession trailer. Whether you’re doing concessions at a regular location or going to local events all year long, a custom BBQ catering truck will benefit your business.

BBQ Trailers for Catering

If catering is your business and BBQ is your passion, our BBQ smoker trailers are for you. Learn more about our catering trailer options.

BBQ Trailers for Competitions

You know the importance of having a mobile unit you can rely on when the competitive heat is on.

And a BBQ concession trailer isn’t just for preparing meat. With our options you can run a full-scale BBQ operation:

  • Bake rolls and cornbread in your convection oven
  • Simmer baked beans on your burners
  • Store coleslaw and potato salad in your refrigerator
  • Fry hush puppies and onion rings in your deep fryer

For a free quote on a BBQ trailer for sale, call us toll free at (800) 910-8533 or fill out our online Request a Quote form.

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